"There are so many things I loved about Templeton, but perhaps most importantly, I enjoyed learning to live a life in dialogue with others."


"The Templeton Honors College really strives to create a community of fellowship, conversation, and focus on what’s truly good and beautiful."


"Templeton has allowed me to go beyond my comfort zone and foster my intellectual curiosity in ways that I never thought was possible."


"Templeton Honors College’s main concern is not simply that you grow as an academic but that you grow as a person."


"Templeton Honors College has not only helped me discern who I want to be, but it also moves me to be who I am and be that well."


"A Templeton education prepares the mind for a lifetime of independent learning and the soul to live with integrity and virtue."


"I realize how influential the Templeton honors courses were in sharpening my thinking, and deepening my understanding of God, others, the world, and myself."


"Throughout my Templeton education, I have learned that approaching conversation with an open mind allows for a deeper level of understanding, growth, and respect."


"My time at Templeton taught me how to think critically and how to integrate beliefs and assumptions in the world today."


"Templeton is a community of students of all different majors and ideologies that all, in many respects, just get each other."


"What a gift to spend four years with same small group of fellow learners, reading great texts together, engaged in the joint pursuit of living a meaningful life!"


"The community at Templeton is wonderful. I had never before been surrounded by such a diverse group of people who all shared my same yearning for answering life’s questions."

“Now the beginning of discipline is humility. Although the lessons of humility are many, the three which follow are of especial importance for the student: first, that he holds no knowledge and no writing in contempt; second, that he blush to learn from no man; and third, that when he has attained learning himself, he not look down upon everyone else.”

 Hugh of St. Victor, Didascalicon

Student Testimonials