Robin Solomon ('21)

Major: Biology

What have you enjoyed about being a student at Templeton Honors College?

One of the things that I have enjoyed most about being a student at Templeton is the challenge that it presented me in growing personally, academically, spiritually, etc. THC has allowed me to go beyond my comfort zone and to foster my intellectual curiosity in ways that I never thought was initially possible. I have also enjoyed the close fellowship and camaraderie within the entire Templeton community. The friendships that I have made not only extend to my own peers in my cohort, but also to those in different cohorts as well as the professors. 

What has been excellent about Templeton?

I believe that the professors at Templeton are directly responsible for the excellence that characterizes THC. Each of them are gracious, kind-hearted, and understanding, in addition to being extremely devoted to and passionate about the material they teach. Their enthusiasm is infectious - it has inspired me to truly strive to learn and to understand not for the sake of a grade, but to learn for its own sake. The professors are not only masters of the material they teach, but more importantly, they know how to present this information in an understandable and coherent way so that anyone can learn and understand.

How do you think Templeton is helping to prepare you for your chosen career path?

Although my chosen career path is most likely to be based in the scientific/medical field, Templeton has still been instrumental in preparing me for that path. By providing an education grounded in the liberal arts and humanities, I feel that Templeton is filling in an important gap that would otherwise exist in my education. For a career in the sciences, it is important for one not only to be well versed in the various scientific disciplines, but must also exhibit a well roundedness that extends to the disciplines of philosophy, history, religion, etc. This ultimately serves to set one apart as highly competent, possessing a unique set of skills and interests that will undoubtedly be of use in the context of a scientific career.

How is Templeton helping to shape you personally or spiritually?

Personally, I feel Templeton has helped to grow me in my interpersonal and communication skills. The discussion-based THC classes helped me to go outside my comfort zone and to be able to communicate my thoughts and ideas clearly and sensibly. Furthermore, the Honors College has also shaped my reading interests. For example, I was not fond of reading philosophical texts or fictional novels, but as a result of my time in Templeton, I have grown to develop an interest in a variety of authors and books that I initially had no appreciation for or desire to read. Most importantly, THC has also helped to shape my spiritual perspective to truly recognize and appreciate those things which are true, good, and beautiful in the world as coming from God who is the basis of all Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.