Master the Craft of Classical Teaching.

The Templeton Honors College Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) offers a distinctively classical approach to training teachers that sees formation in virtue as the central task of education. The program charts a course between the exclusive focus of most education programs on method and technique and the exclusive focus of most liberal arts programs on content alone.

Through study of the Great Books in Socratic seminars, students will approach foundational questions about education by integrating considerations of history, philosophy, and pedagogy. This approach encourages teachers to explore timeless questions and develop the practical arts of teaching in light of both the great teachers and great books of Western Civilization, with the ultimate goal of forming virtuous students and teachers.

This is Classical Education for Contemporary Teachers.

Student Testimonial

“After sharing what I learned with my coworkers and students, we have all seemed to come alive in a new way. Now, there is a deeper understanding and love for classical learning in my school.”

Danielle Dillenschneider, Bayshore Christian School - Fairhope, AL

The MAT requires 30 credit hours, which can be completed in as little as 16 months. Students can now take up to four courses (as "continuing education") without enrolling in the full program.

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