Templeton’s MAT is classical in both its goals and methods

Through Socratic seminars and the Great Books of Western Civilization, students explore questions of philosophy, history, and pedagogy with the aim of forming teachers who are not just knowledgeable about their discipline and skilled practitioners, but virtuous men and women who love to learn.

Designed for working teachers, the majority of MAT courses take place during two 5-week summer residencies in St. Davids, PA. Other courses are taught online.

Summer 2020 Course Offerings

Session 1: June 14 - June 20

  • Philosophy & History of Education I (Ancient and Medieval) - taught by Dr. Brian Williams
  • Philosophy & History of Education II (Modern) - taught by Dr. Fred Putnam

Session 2: July 2 - July 17

  • Great Conversations I (The True) - taught by Dr. Phil Cary
  • Reading and the Soul - taught by Dr. Kathryn Smith

MAT Course Descriptions and Recommended Sequence

“The MAT program has kept the idealist in me alive. Every educator feels trapped by some great issue in the American educational system today. The MAT program has helped me carefully examine the history of these issues and their philosophical underpinnings. With the Great Tradition as our guide, we teachers are able to come together to read great works that reinvigorate our tired imaginations. I am more hopeful teacher because of the rich conversations I have had with my classmates and professors.”

Frank Chilbert, Mainline Classical Academy - Bryn Mawr, PA