Templeton Honors College alumni are doing amazing things in a wide variety of professions and fields, from tech start-ups to sustainable farms, finance to fashion, ministry to monasticism, social work to space exploration. A Templeton education prepares you for whatever and wherever God calls you!

Alumni of the Year

Templeton established an annual Alumni Award in 2015 to honor a person who has continued to exemplify the values of the College.

Alumni Giving Back

There are many ways Templeton Alumni can give back to the College and help current students.

“Character, then, after all, should be the true aim of all education—the first aim. It precedes culture even as culture precedes knowledge in education…Character embraces all that we are within ourselves—good or bad, foolish or wise, weak or strong, noble or ignoble—all that we are in thought, word or deed, and this is the broad and deep foundation that every one must lay... As skill needs the guiding hand of knowledge, and knowledge the disciplining power of culture, so all these need the influence of strong character.”

William Sanders Scarborough, "The True Aim of Education"