Here are some ways you can give back to the Honors College and help current students!

Give to the Templeton Building Project

The Templeton Building Project will create a beautiful and enduring home for the Honors College by renovating and expanding Workman Hall to include new seminar rooms, a small library, study area, common areas, faculty and administrative offices, a lecture / recital hall, art gallery, reception area, and open quadrangle that will foster the shared life of friendship, conversation, study, and beauty that are central to the College. Please give to help this long dream become a reality for the present and future community of the Templeton Honors College!

“A centralized home for the Honors College would be transformational for students. On any given evening you can find a handful of Templeton students studying in a corner of the library, writing papers in an unused classroom, or reading Shakespeare out loud to each other in a dorm room. Creating an intentional space for such scholarship will expand this phenomenon to a broader set of students, not only by cultivating conversation between the cohorts of the Honors College, but also throughout the entire campus. A central home for the Honors College will also greatly assist Templeton's outreach to the community by providing the campus something it does not have: an elegant, intimate lecture hall and a dedicated space for the visual arts. As alumni, we are delighted to be supporting this significant project in the life and history of the Templeton Honors College.”

-Micah ('19) and Amber ('20) Skinner.

St. Davids Scholarship Fund

Make a donation to the St. Davids Scholarship Fund, which helps students in need pay for tuition, room, and board.

"Last year I prayed that working 40+ hours per week would pay for my third semester, but by May I knew I couldn't afford to return. Thanks to your generosity, I can continue to pursue my education at Eastern. Moreover, I can now devote time to extracurriculars rather than full-time work. Thank you for supporting my education and the Templeton Honors College; I am deeply grateful."

Student Aid Fund

Make a donation to the Templeton Student Aid Fund, which helps students with smaller, non-tuition needs, such as books, emergency medical expenses, and travel costs.

"In May 2019, I experienced a serious medical emergency during finals week and was unable to fly home. Your thoughtful gifts allowed my mother and me to stay at an Airbnb while I recovered, and because I was unable to fly, your gifts helped us make our drive back to my home. Thank you for your incredible generosity."