Templeton Speaker Series: Roosevelt Montás

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AsAsya Sigelmanya Sigelman is Associate Professor of Ancient Greek at Bryn Mawr College and the founder of Mainline Classical Academy, where she teaches Latin and Art History. Dr. Sigelman conducts scholarly research on the poetry and literature of Classical Antiquity and regularly teaches both undergraduate courses and graduate seminars on the language, literature, culture, religion, and philosophy of ancient Greece and Rome. Her book, Pindar's Poetics of Immortality, was published by Cambridge University Press.



Mike Lee

Michael Lee is Eastern University's Grace F. Kea Professor of History. Dr. Lee is an intellectual historian, with a particular interest in the development of religion and theology in Europe and America during the early modern era. He is currently working on a book on the history of theodicy (or the history of the problem of evil).






Brian WilliamsBrian A. Williams is Dean of the Templeton Honors College and  the College of Arts & Humanities at Eastern University. He is the General Editor of Principia: A Journal of Classical Education; co-editor of Everyday Ethics: Moral Theology and the Practices of Ordinary Life; and author of The Potter's Rib: The History, Theology , and Practice of Mentoring for Pastoral Formation. Dr. Williams is also a national Alcuin Fellow and a Research Fellow with the Institute of Classical Education.