Templeton Speaker Series: Isaac Wardell and Leah Wrenne

Isaac WardellJoin us on November 17th at 3pm in Fowler Great Room.

Isaac Wardell is the director of The Porter's Gate Worship Project. For the past seven years, The Porter's Gate has been convening artists, scholars, and clergy to create new ecumenical worship resources around a number of pressing subjects facing the American church in the 21st century. Their most recent project "Sanctuary Songs" is a collection of songs and prayers related to mental health. Isaac's graduate work at The Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium was in the area of Liturgical Studies, focusing on the role of worship in spiritual formation.

Isaac will be joined by Porter's Gate collaborator and Philadelphia Native, Leah Wrenne. As they perform and present, they will discuss the role of tradition in worship and the ways that particular denominations interact with the broader tradition's liturgical journey. Their time with us will include prayers and music from The Porter's Gate Worship Project.