Dr. Cary is Retiring

Dr. Cary is a mediocre professor, and he does not like St. Augustine very much. “I’M LYING TO YOU!” (throws marker across the room.)  In truth, I have never met anyone quite like Dr. Cary.  It takes a very special kind of person to combine passionate teaching and dramatic performance with calm, respectful listening—all while remaining fully responsive to the barrage of complicated, panicked, and pointed questions spewn at him in any one class period. 

Anyone who interacts with Dr. Cary is immediately aware of his brilliance. His knowledge is immense on an extensive amount of subjects. There appears to be no question that he has not pondered. Despite his spectacular genius, Dr. Cary addresses his students' questions and opinions with special care and humility. He makes each one feel valued and always worthy of his time. In turn, his students admire and value his input. When I encounter a complicated philosophical or theological question, I frequently wonder “What does Dr. Cary think about this?”

Dr. Cary has helped me become a more thoughtful and confident student as well as philosopher/theologian. My first year at Eastern was tumultuous—as I’m sure it is for most first year students—filled with the questions and complexities that go along with any amount of “figuring out what to believe.”  I had many concerns. Some about my faith.  Some about other issues. And I was too shy to direct them to just anyone. But Dr. Cary, in all his wonderful Dr.Cary-ness, made me feel comfortable enough to ask the hard questions and venture toward my doubt and anxiety. 

He assured me that my concerns were not only natural, but good. Dr. Cary passionately addressed my fears with the confidence that accompanies anyone who truly does believe that the Gospel is good news. Dr. Cary has greatly influenced my faith. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to learn from him, and am continually inspired by his assuredness in just how good the Good really is.