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Eastern Creates Space for deep understanding, fellowship, and artistic expression through the new Templeton Hall expansion.

Joy and gratitude define moments like these in the history of our university. From our beginning, the arts and humanities have offered a path for students to express, explore, and understand the world around them in creative, inventive, and thoughtful ways. However, securing the space, resources, and support needed to further this exploration can be challenging. 

For these reasons and more, we are elated to embark on the renovation and expansion of Templeton Hall (formerly Workman Hall), named in honor of the generous support of the late Drs. John and Josephine Templeton. The new building will become the home of the Templeton Honors College while also creating much-needed space for collaborative learning experiences for all Eastern students, and particularly those in the Fine and Performing Arts, with the addition of a lecture and recital space, reception hall, and art gallery. 

The addition of new spaces for hosting inspirational speakers, thoughtful campus events, and community performances will contribute to the culture, embody values of Eastern, and serve the pedagogical mission of the Templeton Honors College by fostering fellowship and creating spaces for thought-provoking conversations. 

"This building will realize a dream the Honors College has had since its founding of a hospitable home for current and future Honors College students," says Dr. Brian Williams, Dean of the Templeton Honors College and the College of Arts & Humanities. “The new space will also benefit the entire campus and local community by providing a showcase venue for the humanities and the visual and performing arts.” 

As our community grows, we are seeking opportunities to expand not just our physical campus, but our academic and spiritual development offerings as well. Templeton Hall will be a space where our students can find inspiration, connection, and expression to fortify the rich, holistic, and Christ-centered experience they receive here at Eastern. 

The $11 million project is part of a larger $30 million comprehensive campaign initiative to continue enhancing the University. In addition, Eastern has received support in the form of grants from The Presser Foundation and National Endowment for the Humanities for its commitment to enhancing our music, arts, and humanities programs. 

“This plan will impact more than just the Templeton Honors College and Fine and Performing Arts students,” shares Steve Clemens, Chair of the Board of Trustees. “It will ignite a transformative, lasting impact on Eastern University’s entire student body and community.” 

We look forward to the long-term effect this will have on the Eastern experience. The renovation will bring more speakers, performances, and visual arts to campus, while also creating performance spaces for our students to showcase their artistic gifts, thus promising to light a path for students for generations to come.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to see this dream come to fruition in Templeton's 25th anniversary year, and the overall university’s 100th year, in 2025,” adds Dr. Williams.

Meet the Templetons

The Templeton Honors College and Templeton Hall honor the visionary and generous support of Drs. Jack and Josephine (Pina) Templeton, a former pediatric surgeon and pediatric anesthesiologist respectively at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

In 1999, President David Black, History Professor Dr. Allen Guelzo, and the Templetons founded The Templeton Honors College, named in honor of Jack’s father, Sir John Templeton. 

Along with many of the enduring features of the Honors College, the Templetons passed on a deep commitment to hospitality, born from Pina’s days growing up as an Italian immigrant. They would regularly host students in their home for tea and conversation, using a tablecloth into which Pina hand-stitched the name of every new Templeton student.

They understood the importance of providing a place where professors could extend that hospitality on a daily basis to the students of the Honors College and the wider university, and they would be delighted to see that vision coming to fruition in the new Templeton Hall.