The Templeton Honors College scholarship replaces Eastern's other academic scholarships, and is not compatible with any other Eastern merit-based aid. Depending on student eligibility, Eastern may also award other need-based aid.

Please note that if you are applying to the Templeton Honors College, Leadership Fellows Program, or the Goode Scholars Program, you will only be able to participate in and receive a scholarship from one of these programs, even if you are accepted to more than one.

There are a range of other scholarship and aid options available to Templeton students:

Templeton Scholarship

The scholarship for students admitted to the Templeton Honors College is Eastern’s highest academic award. The Templeton award replaces a student's Eastern Merit Award, and will be at least $4,000 more than a students' EU Merit Aid; the Templeton award can be up to full-tuition depending on the strength of the applicant's writing sample and interview. For priority Templeton award consideration, we ask that students submit their application by March 15th, 2024. After this deadline, we cannot guarantee that all of our highest awards will still be available.

Applicants meeting the January 31st deadline may also request to be considered for one of our Named Scholarships.

Veritas Scholars Scholarship

This scholarship is a special scholarship for a Veritas Press Scholars Academy students. This scholarship is awarded to a Veritas Press student based on their Templeton written application and interview. The scholar awarded the Veritas Press Scholarship is guaranteed to receive a minimum of $26,000 per year scholarship, but this award can go all the way to full-tuition based on the strength of the recipient's application.

Veritas Scholars students interested in receiving this scholarship must apply by November 1st to be eligible.

Endowed Scholarships

These endowed scholarships have been established by generous donors who value the education Templeton offers and want to honor friends of the Templeton Honors College.

Those who wish to be considered for endowed scholarships must have submitted a completed application by January 31st. Applicants who are then invited to interview in February and are accepted to Templeton, will be given the opportunity to apply for one of the endowed scholarships in addition to the award they are offered in their acceptance letters. Students accepted by this early deadline will be invited to submit a letter of 250 words or fewer, describing their eligibility for one of the available endowed scholarships. Submit your short essay application to

The Cassidy Scholarship

  • Eligibility: Family of origin has annual income of less than $75,000 and resides in a New England state, i.e. Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island or Vermont
  • Available again in the application year 2024-2025

The Helen P. Workman Memorial Scholarship

Awarded every year to an incoming first year student of outstanding character and exemplary academic performance.

  • Current Scholars: (Seniors) Cody Fox and Samuel Belk; (Junior) Margaret Rafidi; (Sophomore) Matti Veldhuis; (First-Year) Simon Kwilinski
  • Available again in the Application Year 2021-2022

The Domenick-Paul Rowe Scholarship

The Domenick-Paul Rowe Memorial Scholarship was established in 2011 to honor Domenick Rowe who graduated from the Templeton Honors College in 2004. As an alumnus, Domenick said he spent “the best years of my life at Eastern.” He had a curiosity for learning that began as a child and his love of books and great writers expanded during his time at Templeton. He traveled extensively, was comfortable discussing any topic, and believed in studying the languages of the countries he visited so those he met would feel most comfortable. Domenick made many friends through his travels and during his years at Eastern. He had broad intellectual interests and was accomplished in many areas. A man of varying talents, his family remembers him as a “Renaissance man.” Whatever he did, he did with great passion. Commenting on Domenick, one dear friend at Eastern wrote “I feel eternally blessed to have been a part of his life and it is an experience that will continue to inspire me—to be a bit more open, a bit more adventurous, a bit more like Domenick. He was loved by us all and he will be missed.”

  • Eligibility: The Domenick-Paul Rowe Memorial Scholarship is a four year scholarship awarded to an incoming freshman with an interest in studying theology and languages. The successful candidate should also demonstrate a knowledge of and affection for other cultures and a heart for those less fortunate.
  • Current Scholar: Sophia Hunter (Junior)
  • Available again in the Application Year 2024-2025

The Soltis Family Scholarship

Awarded to an incoming first year student of outstanding character and exemplary academic performance for all four years of attendance at Eastern University.

  • Current Scholar: Keilah Olmeda (Sophomore)
  • Available again in the Application Year 2023-2024

The A. Gilbert Heebner Scholarship in Economics and/or Finance

  • Eligibility: A student with a declared major in economics and/or finance within the Templeton Honors College at Eastern University.
  • Available again in the Application Year 2021-2022
Government Aid

We do our best to make sure that finances are not the deciding factor in your college choice. Scholarships may get the press, but they are only one factor when it comes to paying for college. It is also good to bear in mind that many students qualify for Government Aid and/or aid from Eastern itself. Eastern has a cost calculator to give you an estimate of what you would pay year-to-year.

It is also helpful to be aware of the various options open to you through Eastern’s Financial Aid Office.

Federal Work Study

Many students qualify for Federal Work Study (FWS). This is a government-funded program that will pay you for on-campus employment. There are many opportunities for on-campus employment at Eastern, and students are encouraged to apply early for their preferred area. Most students who qualify for Federal Work Study find they can earn up to $1,200 per academic year. This money is not required to go towards paying tuition, but it can help with tuition or room and board costs if the student so chooses.

Find more information about FWS and other on-campus employment.

“As I look to become an educator, I have realized that there is no particular way to instruct others. Through every course I take, Templeton challenges my traditional viewpoint of what the role of a teacher is. In being attentive to my future students’ questions, concerns, and curiosities, I will be most effective in how I instruct and encourage students to seek for answers and to continue to wonder at the world and the knowledge and mysteries that fill it.”

Sarai Gonzalez ('21)