The Templeton curriculum goes far beyond the classroom.

Benoliel Arts & Culture Series

The Benoliel Art and Culture Series was established to ensure that future Templeton scholars will enjoy access to the very highest quality fine and performing arts as a part of their liberal arts education at Templeton

Student Council

The Student Council is composed of five regularly elected Templeton students who manage certain vital aspects of collegiate life and contributing to the ongoing conversation about the future life of the college. 

Study Abroad

The majority of Templeton students complete a semester of study at approved universities and programs around the globe, taking courses both within and outside their major areas of focus.

Clubs & Organizations

Here you can find just a small sampling of the wide variety of Eastern University’s clubs and organizations of which Templeton students are members and leaders.

Camping Trip

The beauty of our four-year cohort model of education begins not in the classroom but in the wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains, on the lake, by the fire, over the dishes, under the stars.

Community Gatherings

Templeton Honors Colleges students have many opportunities to join together as a community to form deep relationships that will last far past the college years.