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Officer of Recruitment and Alumni Relations

The office of the Templeton Honors College is currently hiring for the position of Officer of Recruitment and Alumni Relations. This position plays an integral role in the formation of the life of the college and its continued success. Please consider applying or sharing this opportunity if you or someone you know could be a strategic addition to the Honors College community.

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About the Position

The Officer of Recruitment and Alumni Relations for the Templeton Honors College will oversee the admissions and alumni relations efforts of the Templeton Honors College at Eastern University. The Officer will devote approximately 80% of their time to recruiting for Templeton’s high school Summer Scholars Program and undergraduate Honors College program. These efforts will be focused on recruiting an undergraduate cohort through an effective communication strategy and building relationships with students and influential persons in high schools and other relevant institutions. This will require regular travel, as well as some evening, weekend, and overnight responsibilities. The Officer will devote approximately 20% of their time to developing and sustaining relations with Templeton alumni and coordinating with the Dean on promotional and development efforts to support the Honors College. The Officer reports to the Dean of the Honors College and works alongside other staff members of the Honors College.

About the Templeton Honors College

The Templeton Honors College is composed of approximately 120 students, thirteen faculty, and five staff members, including its own Dean. It is one of the six colleges at Eastern University in St. Davids, Pennsylvania. Undergraduate students are dually enrolled in Templeton, where they complete a unique general education core, and one of the other colleges, where they complete their major and minor degrees. 

All faculty, at both Eastern and the Honors College, are required to teach within the historic Christian faith as laid out in the Nicene Creed. As an honors college, we have a more academically demanding set of admission and good-standing requirements than other colleges within Eastern University. In addition, both our curriculum and pedagogy are distinct. They include reading– and writing–intensive socratic seminars organized around great questions and great books, set within a rich community built through a cohort model of admission.

Unlike some honors colleges, our courses are not simply more difficult versions of courses offered elsewhere in the university. Instead, our courses are utterly unique and offer students a holistic formation in the true, good, beautiful, holy, and useful. Similarly, our students are not merely pre-professionals looking for credentials and practical training that they can trade in for gainful employment after graduation, but instead are rational, moral, and spiritual individuals seeking to order their loves aright though a coherent understanding of themselves, their community, the world, and God. 

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